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Imation Sees Widespread Adoption of its IronKey™ Windows To Go Devices by Global 500 Companies
Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 02:20:25 PM


Popularity of IronKey Workspace Drives Fueled by Renowned IronKey Security and Ability to Equip up to 20 Mobile Workers for the Price of a Single Laptop

OAKDALE, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep. 22, 2015-- Imation Corp. (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security company, today announced its IronKey-encrypted, bootable Windows To Go USB device is being increasingly deployed by Global 500 companies. This success is due to Imation’s ability to affordably outfit mobile workers with its award-winning IronKey Workspace products. By providing superior security and centralized management capabilities, IronKey products ensure enterprise data remains safe regardless of where employees and contractors are working. As a testament to its industry-leading security, 60 major federal agencies and 10 major international government agencies have joined numerous Global 500 companies in engaging with Imation to secure their mobile desktops with IronKey Workspace.

Windows To Go allows IT to securely replicate corporate Windows 10 and 8.1 desktop environments, complete with applications and security policies, on USB flash drives, thus providing a portable, managed alternative for their mobile workforce. By turning a USB-enabled device into a containerized corporate workspace, IronKey Workspace USB flash drives also solve the challenge of separating personal data from corporate data eliminating the fear of corporate invasion of privacy often associated with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

With Windows 10 already running on 1.5 million business PCs, enterprises are adopting the new operating system at a rate that surpasses both of Microsoft’s last two Windows upgrade releases. Many are implementing Windows To Go for Windows 10 evaluations and phased roll-outs as well as to outfit mobile workers and contractors who have yet to upgrade. Meanwhile, a recent SANS survey found 19 percent of IT respondents are already using or planning to use Windows To Go features in Windows 8.x or higher.

IronKey Windows To Go Solutions Save Thousands of Dollars

IronKey Windows To Go solutions can equip up to 20 mobile workers for the cost of a single laptop, without relinquishing IT’s control over Windows work environments. For example, according to a recent case study from Telefónica Germany, with the advent of Windows 8, an office move in 2014 and a drive to reduce the number of desks per staff member, Telefónica started to look at innovative ways to deliver a more flexible working environment that allowed for portability and remote access without impacting user experience, productivity and security. Moving from one seat for each worker to every 1.5 workers, and no longer needing to provide hardware to contractors, each IronKey device deployed saves Telefónica more than 2,500 euros ($2,804 US) over three years.

Customers such as Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine are also using IronKey PC on a Stick™ device with Windows To Go as a way to manage BYOD policies as an alternative to a traditional desktop or laptop deployment for students, employees and contractors. Many customers have also deployed IronKey solutions to reduce the costly burden of administering and policing BYOD laptops and other devices.

“Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine has thoroughly embraced a bring-your-own-laptop culture for its students. Unfortunately, with the intricate testing process for a crucial milestone exam, our BYOD culture presented some problematic security and IT administration challenges, particularly for Mac users,” said Jay Diener-Brazelle, project manager for the education technology group at VCU School of Medicine. “VCU has been using IronKey secure storage solutions for many years, and thanks to Windows To Go, our testing security challenges have been eliminated. No longer are we thinking of purchasing Windows laptops for Mac users just so they can take tests. And Windows To Go is so easy that we will soon use the drives to administer every test to all students.”

“We saw the promise of Windows To Go early on and have been raising awareness and generating increased traction of the solution for the past several years,” said Barbara Nelson, general manager and vice president at IronKey by Imation. “The excitement of Windows 10, coupled with our track record of providing secure, managed PC on a Stick solutions, has generated a growing number of large enterprises who are looking at Windows To Go as an integral part of outfitting their mobile workforce.”

IronKey Windows To Go devices provide administrators the ability to deliver a fully IT-controlled, secured and managed corporate Windows image on an IronKey PC on a Stick device. IT Administrators can implement policy controls, remotely reset passwords, and disable or detonate devices no matter where drives are located throughout the world. The management, available in the cloud or on-premises, can protect organizations in the event that a device is lost or stolen. Capable of running on any compatible PC, Mac or tablet at a fraction of the price of new device deployments, the devices have proven invaluable for a variety of use cases including:

  • Contractors/BYOD: Whether they use their own PCs, tablets or Macs at home or in the office, contractors can work their assignments using Windows To Go in an IT-controlled environment with a complete separation of personal data from corporate data and IT policies.
  • Selective Windows 10 Deployment: With the launch of Windows 10, Windows To Go allows IT departments to roll out a trial of the new operating system to test compatibility with enterprise applications before deploying long-term.
  • Secure VDI endpoints: IT managers can distribute their VDI clients, such as VMware, Citrix Player and Microsoft, on secure Windows To Go devices to bypass the risk of malware or keyboarder logger-infected host PCs.

IronKey products offer the industry’s widest range of Windows To Go solutions, from the entry-level W200 Windows To Go USB Drive to the FIPS 140-2 Level 3, CAC/PIV smart-card enabled W700SC. Imation continues to invest in developing and advancing its IronKey Windows To Go devices. Among the company’s innovations is a scriptable Command Line Utility that allows IT administrators to include IronKey Windows To Go devices in the same provisioning workflows as desktops and laptops. For additional information, please visit the Windows To Go section of our website.

Windows To Go is a key benefit of Software Assurance (SA). Users with the enterprise edition of Windows 10 and 8.1/8 currently have Windows To Go capabilities available to them at no additional charge.

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